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Dipl.-Phys., Dr. rer. nat., PhD
German Patent Attorney (DE)
European Patent and Trademark Attorney (EP, EU)
Patent Attorney (SG)

Dr. Bakuri Lanchava obtained a Master and a PhD degree from the National Research Nuclear University of Moscow (MEPhI) in Plasma Physics and a Dr. rer. nat. degree from the University of Regensburg in Solid State Physics. Bakuri is a German and European Patent and Trademark Attorney and qualified Singapore Patent Agent with more than 15 years of relevant experience both in the industry and in the private law practice. Bakuri is author and inventor of a number of scientific publications and patents.

As a patent attorney, he mostly advocates clients in the fields of automotive, semiconductor technologies, magneto-optics, imaging and non-imaging optics, electronics for medical applications, laser and plasma technologies. His expertise covers drafting and prosecuting patents, litigation, enforcing patents, as well as legal advice in all IP matters.

He is proficient in English, German, Georgian, Russian and French.

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