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German Patent Attorney (DE)
Patent Attorney (SG)
European Patent and Trademark Attorney (EP, EU)
Registered PMC & PMC-IPM Consultant (SG)Mr. Martin Schweiger is a European Patent and Trademark Attorney, a registered Patent Agent in Singapore and also a registered foreign lawyer in Singapore. In his 22 years of professional career, Mr. Schweiger has been involved in patent drafting and litigation matters in a wide variety of technological fields ranging from lab-on-chip devices, biomaterials and orthopedic technologies to semiconductor engineering and wireless communication devices.

He has a teaching assignment in International IP Law at the Technische Universität München (Singapore campus). He is the editor of the online teaching website and the author of numerous peer-reviewed online articles in the field of IP.

He is passionate about new products and innovation marketing, mechanical patents, business method patents, transducer technology, signal processing, systems control and robotics. He loves to train inventors in protecting their inventions.

Martin is proficient in English, German, Portuguese and French. He speaks Mandarin at a beginner level.

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